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Kybella Specialist

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Sonoma Skin Works

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Sonoma Skin Works offers Kybella injections for patients in Frisco, TX, who want to get rid of their double chin for a younger and more vibrant appearance.

Kybella Q & A

What is Kybella?

Kybella is a man-made substance identical to a substance your body makes called deoxycholic acid. The deoxycholic acid works by destroying fat cells when it is injected into the body. Kybella is used as a cosmetic treatment to help decrease the appearance of fat that hangs below the chin, sometimes referred to as a double chin. At this time, Kybella has not been approved for use on any other areas of the body.

What is the procedure like?

Kybella is a safe, nonsurgical procedure performed in the comfortable and welcoming offices of Sonoma Skin Care. Before the treatment begins, topical anesthetics, lidocaine, or other pain relief will be administered if appropriate in your case. Then, with the use of a special grid on your face, the certified specialist will carefully draw the boundaries for the injections on your skin. Your specialist will then use the temporary grid marker on your chin as a guide. The injections will be given depending on your specific need and usually range anywhere from 14-50 injections. This will all be discussed with your doctor during your pre-procedure consultation. The treatment is uncomplicated, so in most cases you are in and out within 20 minutes. Come on in during your lunch break. Kybella is that speedy! Then you’re on your way.

How many rounds of treatment do you need, and what results should you expect?

Treatment using Kybella will vary. Using a very fine needle, a certified injectionist will make a series of about 12-20 injections per visit, though some people may get up to 50 injections in a single treatment depending on the severity of the area. Two to six total treatments, spaced out a month apart, are recommended for optimal results. Each treatment takes about 15 minutes. Patients should expect to resume normal activity immediately after the procedure. The overall expected result is disappearance of excess fat under the chin